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Acai Performance Products Reviews

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  • Don't be stupid

    Pharma Labs, Acai Cleanse : I also got sucked in by the "free trial offer" meaning that I thought I was just paying for the $4.95 s & h charge but then got a $79.95 charge on my account. After the fact, I did re-review and it does sketchily say 10 day trial period vs. 30 day trial product, which is the confusing part. I may be a simple minded consumer, but I am not a person without respect. I feel stupid not only for ordering a simple herbal laxative that is 8 times over priced, I feel stupid for having been hood winked into such a purchase. Calling they did credit my... More...
    Complaints589's Picture   Complaints589    0 Comments   Comments

    Do not order, it is a scam, they will ship the trial bottle, it will take about 20 days to receive it, you must within 15 advise them if you wish to continue or stop, remember it took 20 days to receive it then they just go ahead and charge your credit card, they charged me $300.00 on my card, this should not even be tolerated, and they use "As seen on Oprah" they should be ashamed to steel people like that...You need to cancel your credit card, it is the only way to stop the amounts they put at their own leisure... More...

    DO NOT ORDER THIS STUFF! It takes 2 weeks to come and charge you even though you have not had more than a week to try the product. They charge for the free trial if you mail it back - they claimed I did not get it to them in time. I returned it as soon as I read the contract. They charged the next month as well even though I had cancelled and returned the product. The number associated with the charge is to my account is 866-964-1011 I have called 3 times. They won't give me caller information or cancellation number, escallation process is via email and they have not... More...
    coolergirl's Picture   coolergirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fraudulent Charges

    I ordered a trial sample of Performance Product's Acai Berry product and tried it once. I had bad side effects from it. My heart raced so much that I thought I was having a heart attack. I never used the product again and called in to cancel any future shipments in August of 2008. I just found out that although I called to cancel what I thought was everything related to this product, I am being charged for an emailed newsletter that I have never read. When I called back to Customer Service to see why this was not cancelled in August 2008, I was told that since I did not... More...
  • This is a Scam!

    I recieved one trial sample of acai berry and had bad side effects - my heart raced so much I thought I was having a heart attack. I immediately called to cancel any future bottles. When I cancelled, I was not told that there was an email newsletter that you pay for each month that also had to be cancelled SEPARATELY. I have since been charged for a newsletter I have never read on a product that I tried only once. When I tried to get a refund, I was referred to the Legal Department. This company is committing FRAUD by not cancelling everything when you call to cancel. I will continue... More...
    liaboon's Picture   liaboon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shame On Dr.Oz and Oprah

    DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Shame on Dr.Oz and Oprah for associating their trusted name with this scam!!! I ordered a trial sample of the Total Cleanse product and next thing you know they charge my account $85 and offer no return policy. They hide a disclaimer in there order form which will automatically charge you $85 dollars for the trial product and put you on a monthly renewal. In addition to this the product works marginally at best. You are better off going to GNC for a fraction of the cost and buying Super Colon Cleanse which actually works. More...
    Chaz's Picture   Chaz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scam

    I thought I was buying a trail bottle of Extreme AcaiBerry for $1.00 but then I keep getting shipments of more bottles that I didn't order. They have been charging my debit card with out my consent. I called 1-877-350-8480 the lady would not give me a refund even though the bottles have not been open. But she did say they would stop sending me the product. I also had to go take care of it at the bank just incase she was not telling the truth and try to take more money from my account. Be aware! Don't get suckered in like me. It's not a good product. And a terrible company... More...
    JessicaC's Picture   JessicaC    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst customer service

    They cheat the customers like they want.They will play with your credit card as they want.Please dont order this..It dont work and even though you cancel they keep charging your credit card.If you call the customer service they keep saying like we will get 70% of our refund where we are paying for something where we are not supposed to pay. I did not call them with in 15 days,so i was chrged 88$ where its fine.So after i have seen that i had called the customer service and told that to cancell all my future transactions.Even though they had send me the second one and charged me 94$.I... More...
    ckga's Picture   ckga    0 Comments   Comments
  • cancel/refund

    I have send an E-mail to cancel my order due to it caused for my blood pressure to go high. Than my credit card was stolen I reported stolen on Friday 10/31/2008 whrn I discovered it lost. and to my surprize I had a charge on it for 74.99 from 10/26/2008 from Acai Berry after I had canceled a month prior and i also received another bottle . now I have 3 bottles unused and a charge of 230.97 on my pre-paid credit card. I want all of my money refunded. I work hard for my money and your med. did not work . you lied !!! Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated Ms. Valdez More...
  • SCAM!!!!!

    I was completely unhappy with this product!!! Not only does it NOT WORK, but they give keep very important info from you. They send you a package with you pill and a wripped piece of paper that staes why Acai Berry is "sooo good for you." No where on the paper does it say that you need to call and cancel within 14 days if you don't want to be charged $89 for these pills. Also, it does not state that anywhere on the website. I do not recomend this product to anyone. IT IS A SCAM!!!! and if I could make my letters bolder in this review, trust me I would!!!! More...
    jujubee's Picture   jujubee    11 Comments   Comments
  • Acai Berry Scams, can't cancel, and what not

    Well people it does state that if you dont cancel within the trail period being actually less than 14 days when you deduct the shipping time you will be charged. You could always just buy the berries or acai supplements or juice in it of itself. Or heres something lifestyle changes. Portion what u eat take vitamins. they are all sorts of websites that offer free info on how to lose weight. Even if the pills did work and you have to keep buying them to keep the weight off. Thats about 90 a month so in a year u will spend approx 1080 on WEIGH LOSS pills. U have a gym membership and stock up... More...
    nondforaname's Picture   nondforaname    30 Comments   Comments
  • E-Mail Scams

    I,too, fell victim to their email offers of free samples (postage only) and ended up receiving many full-products (which I returned) and am still being charged for them. I was charged $79.76 for the Acai, and several charges of $29+. I have filed a complaint with my credit card, written numerous letters and emails (after trying to call them unsuccessfully many times) to them and I am now preparing to file complaints with numerous agencies, including the U. S. Postal Services (under Internet Scams) as I feel they are using the mail to complete the fraud initiated by email. Other... More...
    marti's Picture   marti    1 Comments   Comments
  • Crooks of Crooks

    I responded to a free offer of a colon cleansing. It had Katie Curics name and so, I thought it was legitimate. Well, little did I know that my credit card will be their way to their profit. My first credit card was charged several times and that credit card was cancelled, but they managed to make charges to my new credit card and that card was cancelled and then my new credit card was charged again and so, I now, I have to prove my innosence as I am the VICTIM and have been VICTIMIZE with Nearly a thousand dollars of UNLAWFUL CHARGES. More...
  • Acai Berry - Free Sample

    NEW FORM OF FRAUD - ACAI BERRY - FREE SAMPLES My mother always taught me to try to learn from someone else's mistakes and stop reinventing the wheel. We are all being deluged with emails about the Acai berry and these free samples - just pay postage. Okay, one dummy, step up to plate. Naive and trusting, I ordered my one week free sample for $3.99 hoping to see a wonderful difference in my life and go on to a lifetime supply of this fountain of youth and health. I took the week's supply...felt no different...and said "oh well...I've done worse things with... More...
    ggladstone's Picture   ggladstone    57 Comments   Comments

Acai Performance Products Reviews By Product

Acai Performance Products Comments

kelian13 says: (9 years ago)
I just talked to a person at the phone number 866-938-4832. she gave me a cancellation code. i got right through right after 9 a.m. we'll see if it cancels.

gatlinjoetta says: (9 years ago)
apparently the acai resolotion is a scam. This is ashame. I need to cancel so what do I do.

sandraed1963 says: (10 years ago)
I have returned your product that I never ordered and I expect a full refund immediately.For me,Sandra Estes,and my 12 yr old daughter,Misty Walker . I expect to here from you now with my $157.52 for both of our returns

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